In a world that is increasingly data driven MoTaM specialises in helping companies with their marketing automation challenges; increasing reach, relevancy, and personalisation of communications, driving cost reduction and efficiency, and providing visibility to stakeholders.

From the foundational elements dealing with what products to use, where and how to best use data, strategy and tracking through to the more advanced insights, ROI measurements and multi channel communications, MoTaM is here to help you.

Regardless of the Marketing Automation tools you are using, MoTaM can help you get the most out of your tools and the most out of your budget, with simple solutions that put the power back into the hands of marketers, and deliver measurable outcomes.

What we do

Product Selection

Working through requirements and determining which of the many Marketing Automation, and supporting, solutions available is the best fit for you.

Deployment & Implementation of solutions

Deploying a Marketing Automation tool correctly is foundational to its success. We don’t just mean technology, although that is vitally important. Getting buy-in across the business, and taking the executive team on the journey as you transition to hyper personalised ‘audience of one’ communications is critical to the success of a Marketing Automation project.

Data Management & IntegratioN

Getting core data right from other operational systems (Data structure, aggregation strategies, integration technologies etc) is must if you want your MA tool to be used by marketers, not developers. MoTaM can work with you to get the data right, in the right places, at the right times.

Operational Capability

We’ll help you build operational capabilities to make best use of your tools so that you reduce external costs as fast as possible. We can even run your tools for you in the short term, while helping you build internal capability.

Analytics and Reporting

We’ll work with you to determine what data matters and to who.  What does success look like?  What will it look like tomorrow.  We have experts who can work out what the important messages are, and how to best represent that information to key stakeholders and operational staff.

Who we do it for


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